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Qanon FAQ'S

publication date: Feb 4, 2018

What is

People have very busy lives and it's hard to know what's actually going on behind America's curtain! will make it easier for the reader to seek the truth no matter where it is. will not have all the answers, but we will highlight many questions.


We are PATRIOTS! We seek the TRUTH! Our children deserve a FUTURE!

Does provide news?

NO! We do not provide news and do not take credit for any external links. We are only a tool in which provides guidance. We recommend you not watch MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHANNELS at all. 

Is a CONSERVATIVE or LIBERAL website? is not about what political side you are on. Your politics won't matter if your country is taken from you! 

What is an ANON?

An abbreviation for "anonymous" used to indicate unknown or unacknowledged authorship.

What is a DROP?

A place where information may be left for others to collect.

Who is Qanon?

No one knows who Qanon is! (my personal opinion Q is guided by angels in which our Lord and Savior has appointed.) Q FORMAT/CODE is complex and mirrored by the Holy Bible) IMO only.

Where does Qanon Post?

Qanon posts where security measures are appropriate. 4chan was one area until 8chan became Qanon's preferred method.

DO NOT surf these areas unless you know what your doing!

Does Qanon work for the US Government?

We DO NOT know the answer to this question. As you read his posts you can only ASSUME Qanon does when you start putting the pieces together.


If Qanon does work in the POTUS circle; is all that he is posting legal?

Qanon does not reveal what would be considered UNAUTHORIZED drops. Unauthorized drops would be treasonous! Qanon posts do not cross the RED LINE! It's the responsibility of the reader to put all the pieces together and make a conclusion.

Why does the media not report what is being posted?

The media have SPECIAL INTERESTS they must protect! As you read Q posts, it will become much clearer whom should and should not be trusted!

What can I do as a PATRIOT to help?

Link this website for other PATRIOTS to see or by any form of communication you can! We are fighting a hidden war and our children's future depend on it!

Please help with our expenses by donating below: GODSPEED PATRIOT!


Thank You, PATRIOTS!


We need help, PATRIOTS!