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publication date: Feb 21, 2018

Ask Yourself?

"Ask yourself" will be an area for you to ask yourself those tough questions. These questions will help you in solving a disturbing puzzle in your head. I will TRY to be nonpolitical as once you start the political route people will start tuning you out. It will be difficult because everything is so politicized nowadays. So many things have been going on in America in which should concern you. I am not talking being concerned about the last year or decade even though that in itself is important! We need to look back as early as the year 1776. If you are not concerned; then you really don't give two shits about your country being controlled by individuals whom only have their interests in mind. So please OPEN your mind and always ask yourself these questions. The answers are in "The Vault! If you have a "why question" you want to publish please email it to me at [email protected]! 

Only TOGETHER we will prevail! Let's get to it:

Why is it every time a path to the "cure for cancer" is discovered: the scientists all of a sudden die?

Why is it the elite are able to purchase underground "nuclear proof" bunkers and we "the little people" are unable to have such access?

Why is it the "loudest" celebrities are so angry? When do you get angry? Has something been taken away from you?

Why is it those "elites" in power behind the scenes meet in ANTARCTICA every year?

Why do the "elite" REALLY want to take your 2nd amendment right away?

Why is it that red cross containers are being SHIPPED with American currency?

Why was a train carrying GOP members targeted?

Why does the pharmaceutical industry have so much "control" over the media?

Why do foreign entities have so much power over the FEDERAL RESERVE?

Why are the last three presidents so angry at the current president?

Why has the deficit more than doubled during the last three presidencies?

 Why do celebrities love the OWL (tattoos, jewels, etc.)? What does it represent?

Why do politicians use celebrities to push their agenda?

Why was JFK really shot?

Why did the Titanic really sink?

Why does Bilderberg Group and Tri-Lateral Commision have so much control over media?

Why does the Council on Foreign Relations have so much control?

Why doesn't the mainstream media as these questions?

Why are MASS SHOOTINGS really happening more frequently?

Why are we Americans so divided? Who is REALLY dividing us?

Why does a certain group (less than 3% of the population) run 90% of Washington D.C.?

Why are so many politicians and CEO's resigning since this president has taken office? 

Why are certain politicians who are "millionaires" refusing to step down and still withstanding the political HEAT which is upon them!


We need help, PATRIOTS!